Southend Cleaning: How Do I Clean My Carpets Myself?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to convert your house into a warm, cosy home is to deck the house in carpets, rugs, and mats. They provide comfort to your feet in winters and there is no better feeling than having a cool, soft carpet to walk on during the blistering heat.

Carpets are also an interior design feature that can tie the décor of a room together. But one of the downsides of having a carpeted home is that carpets get dirty and stained pretty easily. It is possible to remove the rugs and send them off to dry cleaning but when your entire home is carpeted, you have to find ways to get rid of stains before they become permanent.

One of the most asked questions among homeowners is: how do I clean my carpets myself? If you feel like your carpet needs a refresh, giving it a good deep cleaning can help make it feel brand new. Well, in this article we will give you ten tips on how to get the most stubborn stains out of your carpet by yourself.

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What are the Tools and Cleaners That You Need to Clean Your Carpet in Southend?

If you have a carpet at home that stains easily either because of your kids, pets, or any other reason, you might want to stock up on the following supplies the next time you do a grocery run:

1.      Lint Rollers and Squeegee

If you have ever tried to vacuum your carpet, then you may have noticed that threads or other bits of hair or fur don’t get removed by the vacuum cleaner, even after multiple attempts; this is especially true for pet hair. A simple way to take care of this is to use a lint roller or a squeegee to get rid of all the extra lint that your vacuum cleaner might have missed. You will be surprised at how much mess a lint roller can pull out of a carpet.

2.      Ammonia for Stain Removal

Some stains like ink, wine, ketchup, mud, and oil are hard to get out of a carpet, especially from a light coloured carpet. Oftentimes, people throw out perfectly good carpets because of impossible stains. For tough to remove stains, you might want to use ammonia. Here is a homemade stain removal recipe for the most stubborn stains on your carpet:

  •         Add 10ml of ammonia into 500ml of water and mix well.
  •         Add to this mixture 1 tsp of your favourite washing powder.

After you have made this concoction, apply it generously over the stain on your carpet and rub it using a soft-bristled brush. After you are done brushing the stain out, wipe the spot using a dry towel. Repeat this process over all the stains in your carpet and allow the carpet to dry. This technique gets out most of the stains, even the stubborn ones.

3.      Baking Soda for Odours

When a carpet has been in use for a long time, it is quite normal for it to develop a bad odour, especially if you have pets or children, who are known to spill. Moreover, vomit stains are not only an eyesore, they also give off an unbearably foul smell that lingers, if not treated immediately. There are a lot of ways to remove this odour from your carpet and one of them is by using baking soda.

To use baking soda for odour removal, take five tablespoons and spread the powder evenly throughout your carpet. Let it sit for a few hours undisturbed, and brush the carpet off with a broom afterwards. This method results in a clean, odourless carpet.

4.      Gasoline and Vinegar for Oil Stains

While cleaning carpets, oil stains are the hardest to get out. Almost nothing seems to work on these stains, and even if a product works, it leaves the carpet discoloured. If you want to get rid of oil stains, you only need gasoline or vinegar.

Take a towel and dip it in gasoline or vinegar and wipe away the oil stain on the carpet. Eventually, after some repeated rubbing, you will start to see the oil stain disappear. Let your carpet air dry overnight to get rid of the gasoline and vinegar smell and viola! You are done.

5.      Carpet Shampoo

Since carpet stains are notoriously stubborn, many different companies have come up with easy ways for you to remove these stains by yourself. Multiple kinds of carpet shampoo can remove different types of stains. Choose the one suitable for you and read the instructions properly on the label.

The first step is to vacuum your carpet free of dust and dirt. Dilute the carpet shampoo with water and cover the stain with this concoction. Let the shampoo sit for a while before going in with a bristled brush and scrubbing the stain out. Afterwards, pat the area dry with a towel and let the carpet air-dry overnight. After the carpet is completely dry, give it a final vacuum for a fresh look.

6.      Laundry Soap

Using laundry soap can be a great trick to clean your carpets with, only if it is done right. Too much laundry soap can leave the carpet sticky and matted even after it is fully dry. The right way to use the soap is to take 5 gms of it and dilute it in 0.8 litres of water.

Distribute this mixture over the stain and rub with a bristle brush. Remember to be gentle with your carpet. After you are done, clean the soap out with a damp towel and let the carpet dry at room temperature. Run a vacuum over the carpet at the end.

There are various ways to clean a carpet, but some stains are almost impossible to get out of the carpet. Things like coffee, blood, wine, nail polish, and wax have the potential to cause irreparable damage to your carpet. Here are a few tried and tested techniques for people who wonder: how do I clean my carpets myself? These tricks are bound to remove the hardest stains from your carpet in a way that its freshness remains intact.

Tip: One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your carpets by keeping them clean and in optimal condition is to tend to the stains as soon as you find them.

1.      Coffee and Tea Stains

Coffee and tea stains are among the most common stains on a carpet. If you spill some coffee or tea on your carpet and the stain is still fresh, take a dry paper towel and blot out the stain. Make sure to blot the stain and as rubbing can spread it deeper into the carpet.

If the coffee or tea stain is old and dried out, use a towel dipped in vinegar and cover the stain overnight. In the morning, use soap water (ammonia+ water +detergent) and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the affected area. Wipe the area clean with a dry towel and let your carpet air dry.

2.      Blood Stains

Blood can be one of the trickiest things to get out from a carpet, especially if it has dried. The easiest and simplest way to get rid of a bloodstain is by using cold water.

Take a cloth or towel, dip it in cold water and wash the stain away if the blood is fresh. If the blood has already dried, cover the stain with cold water or ice for a while before rubbing the stain away.

Another way to remove blood stains from the carpet is by dabbing hydrogen peroxide over the stain. Let the solution sit for a while before you rub a wet washcloth or towel over the stain. This is one of the most effective ways of removing stubborn blood stains from your carpet.

3.      Ketchup Stains

If you are fond of having dinner on your couch in your living room, you may have encountered the occasional ketchup slip from a pizza or burger onto your carpet. The quickest way of getting a ketchup stain out of a carpet is to wipe the top layer of ketchup from the carpet. Take ordinary shaving cream from your vanity and apply a generous amount over the ketchup stain and let it sit for about forty-five minutes. Once the shaving cream has been set, blot the area with a clean, dry towel.

If there is still a stain residue, use a mixture of vinegar and water in equal portions, then rub the area gently with a towel. This will get out even the most stubborn stains.


4.      Chewing Gum or Paraffin Wax

All of us have found ourselves in a situation with chewing gum stuck to our most prized carpet. It can be a result of you babysitting your nieces and nephews, or having a bad guest at a house party. Either way, the problem of finding chewing gum stuck to your carpet is real.

The easiest way for you to save your carpet from the gum is by rubbing an ice cube over it. Let the ice sit on it for a while or cover the area with a cold towel. The chewing gum will naturally come out of the carpet without any damage.

This tip will also work on any kind of wax, including but not limited to, paraffin.

5.      Hardened Wax

Burning candles in the house can often result in the wax dripping onto your carpets and hardening into their fibres. This wax is impossible to get out without cutting away carpet fibres. The easiest way to remove this hardened wax from the carpet fibres is to heat it to a semi-liquid state.

Take a towel, dip it in hot water and place it over the hardened wax. Let the towel sit for a few minutes before you scrape off the semi-liquid wax with a dull utensil or a butter knife.

You can also use steam, a hairdryer, or iron to remove this wax from the carpet. But make sure you have them on their lowest settings so that your carpet doesn’t get damaged. It is ideal if you keep a cloth over the wax before ironing or steaming it.

6.      Nail Polish

Have you ever wondered: how do I clean my carpets myself in case of nail polish spilling onto your carpet? If you have had the misfortune of experiencing this, use rubbing alcohol to get the stains out.

Dip a piece of cloth in rubbing alcohol and set it over the nail polish stain. After a few minutes, take the same cloth, dip it in more rubbing alcohol and gently rub the stain away. Clean the area with a wet towel and let the carpet dry.


7.      Other Stains

Often you may find miscellaneous stains on your carpet that have long dried into the carpet fibres. To get rid of these stains, you can invest in store brought carpet cleaners or make one of your own from the above-mentioned methods.

You must regularly vacuum your carpet and have it deep-cleaned professionally by cleaning companies like Southend Cleaning, at least once a year. This will not only get out the oldest, dirtiest stains but it will also prolong the life of your carpets and rugs.

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How to Keep Your Carpet Clean in Southend?

It is true that no matter how hard you try; you can never keep your carpet spotless. But we must try. Here are a few tips to keep your carpet clean and fresh for longer.

·         Invest in Shoe Caps

If you have a carpeted home, you must take off your shoes at the entrance and wear carpet slippers instead. This will keep dirt, grime, and germs from streaking onto your carpet, in addition to preventing shoe imprints that flatten the carpet fibres.

Wearing shoe caps over your shoes is also a way for you to keep your carpets clean and free of any stains.

·         Use Vinegar to Fluff Out Your Carpets

Vinegar is a versatile element to have around the house and especially comes in handy during cleaning. It can not only help you get out the most resilient stains from your carpet but can also freshen up your worn-out carpet.

To fluff up a carpet, dilute the vinegar with equal parts of water and spray it all over the carpet. Let the solution sit for a while before you use a fork to rake it sideways and gently loosen the fibres so they return to their original texture. After you are satisfied with the condition of the carpet, let it dry before you thoroughly vacuum it.

·         Getting in the Experts

One way for you to make sure your carpets are clean, fluffy, and fresh for a long time is by hiring a professional cleaning company to deep clean your carpets at least once a year.

If you hire a cleaning company, you must make sure the company uses organic, non-bleaching chemicals on your carpets. Good cleaning companies like Southend Cleaning use high-end products to clean your carpets so that the colour and quality of the fibres remain undamaged. Southend Cleaning also makes sure that you are satisfied with the work done on your carpets.

·         Use Area Rugs and Runners

If you have fine carpets that adorn your house and you love showing it off during a house party, consider investing in some area rugs and runners. Foot traffic at parties has no mercy and the areas where people are bound to walk, wear out faster. Area rugs or runners can be your saviours here.

Consider placing these rugs on areas that receive the most footfall and remove them after the party is over. This will not only protect your carpet from various shoe stains but will also keep your carpet looking new and fluffy. The only thing you will have to do after the party is to remove the rugs and lightly vacuum.


1.      Can you deep clean your carpet yourself?

If you are someone who has asked the question how do I clean my carpets myself or can you deep clean your carpet yourself, the above tips and tricks must have given you ample evidence that yes, it can be done. You can very easily deep clean your carpet at home with these remedies and a little elbow grease.

Although you can deep clean your carpets yourself, it is advised to hire a professional cleaning company like Southend Cleaning to do it for you annually.

2.      How can I clean the carpet at home myself?

There is a 4-step process involved in cleaning your carpet yourself at home:

  •         Vacuum your carpet thoroughly and treat the visible stains. This may include using tips from the article above.
  •         Make a 50/50 vinegar and water solution and spray it all over your carpet and allow the solution to sit for a few hours.
  •         Blot out the vinegar and water mixture from the carpet using a dry towel. Let the carpet air-dry overnight.
  •         Vacuum the carpet once more and you are done.

3.      How do you deep clean carpet by hand?

Deciding to deep clean your carpet by hand includes homemade cleaning solutions and a lot of effort. The first step to the process is to vacuum your entire carpet thoroughly and rake through with a comb for the stubborn crumbs. Then dilute 2 tbsp. of ammonia in 1 litre of water and spray it all over your carpet. Allow the solution to sit for a while before you work all the dirt and stains out with a soft-bristled brush. After you are done, take a dry towel and blot out the moisture and let the carpet air-dry overnight.

You can also use store brought cleaners to do the job but before you use them, make sure they are free of bleaching chemicals. Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a harsh or harmful process. There are ways to do it that are safe for kids, pets and the environment. Use common household solvents or plain water if you clean the carpet yourself. Always ask professional services about the processes they use and how they dispose of cleaning residue.[1]


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