Southend End of Tenancy

Have you finally decided to take that big step and leave your old place for a fresh beginning? Then you are probably aware that as wonderful as moving out and new opportunities are, you still need to scrub the place down before saying your last goodbyes. 

As tired as you may be with all the packing and organizing, skipping end of tenancy cleaning is bound to be a recipe for disaster. Landlords are usually very strict with regards to the cleanliness of the property and are sure to deduct a significant amount of money from your security deposit if they don’t deem it clean enough. Why should you go through unnecessary loss when this money can easily be saved by hiring professional services? 

End of tenancy cleaning Southend on Sea

End of Tenancy Made Easy

No matter how big or small your property is or the extent of cleaning it requires, we provide top notch end of tenancy cleaning in Southend on sea that will greatly minimize the stress of relocating. When hiring our services, you can rest assured that all targets of time, budget and standards are met. We undertake end of tenancy cleaning jobs with an extensive deep clean approach, to ensure that the premises can be returned to the landlord in the conditions specified in your lease agreement. 

Our services packages come with no time limitation- our cleaners will stay on your property and continue working till the entire place is scrubbed down and gleaming. We do not charge you for any cleaning supplies, and instead come well-armed with the highest quality products and tools that aid us in the process, and save you time and expenditure. 

Mopping a wooden floor in Southend cleaning
end of tenancy cleaners in Southend on Sea

How Do We Do End of Tenancy?

An end of tenancy cleaning in Southend includes the following tasks and you get what you pay for. We make use of the most modern, environmentally friendly and industry standard cleaning techniques and tools to scrub your place down corner to corner, leaving no grounds uncovered. This is an end of tenancy cleaning checklist:

  • Wash window frames, sockets and switches; 
  • Scrub and polish all floors, surfaces and woodwork;
  • Pay extra care to hard surface floor;
  • Scrub countertops, table tops and work surfaces;
  • Thoroughly clean appliances such as ovens; 
  • Wipe taps, bathroom surfaces and all hard to reach areas. 

We understand that moving out can be incredibly stress inducing, but with our long lists of content customers and years of experience working in this field, you can sit back and let all your worries float away. So leave us a message now, and watch the look of shock (and maybe even a teensy bit of disappointment) on your landlord’s face when he walks through your gleaming doors into your equally glimmering home!