Company Overview

Reliable, affordable, consistent, and excellent – our cleaning services are the perfect all-in-one package deal. We have been serving both domestic and commercial clients in Southend for years, and have the necessary expertise and knowledge required to turn your home or office into the sparkling, hygienic, and comfortable place you truly deserve!

End of tenancy cleaning in Southend on Sea

By using industry-standard equipment and professional cleaners with experience and in-depth knowledge about their job, we are able to provide you with top-quality cleaning results that would otherwise be impossible for everyday households to achieve. Whether you require a 15-minute spot treatment for your home or a complete inside and out wipe-down, our packages offeryou the perfect balance between quality and price. We use high-grade equipment and safe cleaning products to take the burden of cleaning off your busy shoulders – and transfer it to our own. We guarantee:

● Budget friendly services;
● Consistency and reliability;
● Thorough health and safety protocols;
● Eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques;
● Dedicated, responsible, certified and professional cleaning staff; and
● Customer-oriented packages that are in line with client demands.

In short, we stop at nothing to ensure 100% customer satisfaction!

Do your windows look grimy or foggy? Do you have sticky finger-marks or gathered dust inside window pane crevices? Whichever the case, you are in the right place! Our highly experienced, professional window cleaners in Southend have been keeping windows streak-free and clear for years. Our service comes with a complete guarantee of the best possible outcome at the least possible price and hassle. 

Our window cleaners in Southend use the latest pure-water treatment method that allows us to reach every nook and cranny without having to carry bulky ladders. A long carbon fibre pipe carries purified water straight from our van’s tank to your window, even if it is four-storeys high. This ensures that all dirt, minerals, chemicals, and germs are removed quickly and efficiently.

Our residential and commercial window cleaning Southend service packages are flexible and accommodating, and encompass your every need. Whether you require one-time cleaning services or would like to opt for a regular cleaning cycle, we can design a package that is fully suited to your unique requirements. With our high-tech procedures, dedicated and knowledgeable team of cleaners, and well-rounded, affordable cleaning solutions, our window cleaning services are bound to exceed your every expectation.

Moving out of your home usually entails long pages of to-do lists, scattered boxes and a whole load of chaos; and the last thing anyone needs at such a time is to also worry about cleaning. Then why put extra burden on yourself when you can easily achieve better results in less time by hiring a professional cleaning service?

When moving out of a rented property, it is essential for tenants to take extra care in ensuring that they leave the property clean and organised, giving their landlord no reason to detect a hefty sum from their security deposit. If you find yourself in a similar situation, our end of tenancy cleaners in Southend are here to help.

Whether you are a tenant looking to reduce your workload when moving out, a letting agency hoping to put your property up for sale, or even a landlord, our tenancy services will cater to all such cleaning requirements. We also schedule our working hours around any time constraints you may have, in order to avoid disruptions if the cleaning is to be carried out during occupancy. So if you are searching for a complete, intense clean-up of your property and just don’t have the time to do it yourself, drop us a line now and watch the magic happen!

Carpets are commonly used as décor in many homes and offices but they have a tendency to act as large germ magnets, which makes them a huge headache to clean. We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Southend, from basic vacuuming to industrial level dirt and stain removal. With our carefully chosen, high-tech carpet cleaning machinery, we offer you five-star quality work within the shortest period of time.

Alongside basic removal of dirt and debris, our services include odour removal and complete sanitization to protect you from any sneaky germs and bacteria that have made your carpet their home. If you have pets in your house, it is probable that your carpet may contain fleas or mites, which we effectively get rid of during cleaning. Food spills and stains on carpets can also lead to an accumulation of germs, which we closely tackle if you opt for our services.

Not only do we provide you a quick and efficient service, but also make sure to extend the life of your carpet, saving you money in the long run. Owing to our affordable and flexible packages, highly-accomplished cleaning team, and a strong sense of commitment towards our job, we hold the position of the leading carpet cleaning service in the Southend.

Your guttering system is vital in ensuring adequate waste disposal for your home. Waste
clogging up or a blockage in the system can be extremely problematic. Our team has earned its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy cleaning company, owing to our years of experience in gutter cleaning in Southend on sea and surrounding areas. We first visit your property to assess the amount of work required, then come up with a comprehensive plan of action. We give you an estimate of the cost on the spot, saving you from unnecessary stress.

Regardless of gutter type or size, our extensive service package includes thorough cleaning, minor repairing of faults, and even replacing the gutter if need be. With our newly updated system, we can work from the ground and inspect your guttering through wireless CCTV, detect the problem areas, and then proceed to clear out the blockage or perform any other cleaning needed. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It is because of the trust we consistently strive to establish with our clients that our cleaning services have become a favourite in the Southend area!

Southend Cleaning During Covid-19

Maintaining a professional and top quality cleaning service in Southend has been extremely challenging during this pandemic caused by Covid 19.

Although cleaning companies have been deemed an essential business, the ever changing restrictions such as social distancing, masks, sanitising and self-isolation has meant we have been working with a reduced workforce.

However here at Southend Cleaning, we continue to work at our very best to ensure we reach the satisfaction of all our clients, ensuring we constantly learn from associated partners such as Cleaning Services Victoria BC, to bring the best solutions to our clients, whether they need window cleaning, carpet cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning in Southend and surrounding areas.